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A Forensic Consult is Due Diligence

We will generate a comprehensive and descriptive report and professional diagrams outlining cause and origin of an incident. These reports will offer both facts and "expert opinion" which often is not part of on-scene investigative reports. Many times a well written report will encourage a settlement and reduce the added expense of litigation.

Diligent investigations are the cornerstone of our company. We offer a broad spectrum of investigative services such as Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Roadway Design Defect Analysis, Mechanical Failure Analysis, Automotive Defect Analysis and Private Investigations. Let our methodical investigative methods and forensic experience work for you and your client. 

Our firm is here to be a trusted and integral part of your team. East Coast will enhance your case and even show you aspects that may have gone overlooked. Reach out to us for a free initial telephone consultation. We can be reached any time either by telephone or using our online contact form. If you call and we don't answer, just leave a message and you'll receive a call-back, usually within an hour.  

Our twenty-five plus years of experience will be evident in our Professional Expert Witness testimony. Effective testimony is an invaluable part of your case and in many instances, will make or break your argument.

Let East Coast Forensics support you from consult to court room and demonstrate the value of a competent forensic expert witness.




There are many facets of a case to examine. We will review all official reports and notes taken by investigating officers and other first responders. Through a review of this evidence and  our own investigative findings  we will  ascertain  causation and determine culpability that will stand the test in both criminal and civil arenas.