East Coast Forensics Corp

Investigation & Consulting Services

East Coast Forensics is a nationwide consulting firm who's name is the only thing regional. With a growing network of expert partners, we are able to offer our services across the United States and Internationally. 




East Coast Forensics is a New York based forensic investigation and consulting firm which is Bonded and Licensed by the New York State Department of State. With over 25 years experience investigating vehicle collisions, automotive engineering defects and mechanical failures, we offer our clients a competitive edge in building a case. Being immersed in the field we have witnessed, firsthand the evolution of technology, dynamics and evidence. It is this "Boots on the Ground" professional field experience and our methodical forensic approach that separates us from the scholastic based consulting firms. We have been on the scene of thousands of vehicle collisions and have witnessed aspects of a collision that can't be derived from a photograph, report or statement. It is our experience coupled with formal training and education that add a higher level of credibility which can be the tipping point in your case.