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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Can I speak with an expert and explain my problem without being billed?

Answer:      Yes, give us a call, your phone call or email will be answered by an actual expert in the field of 

                      Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Vehicle Mechanics, Motor Carrier Safety or Private Investigation.

                      You will not be rushed off the phone and there are no "stupid" questions...

                      Approximately 30% of calls to East Coast Forensics are from individuals or victims themselves and

                      not attorneys. While we can't offer legal advice, we can tell you how we can help, so give us a call.

                      It's free to call.

Question:   I am not on the east coast, if I use your services, would the distance make your services expensive?

Answer:      Not necessarily... Most of what we do here at East Coast doesn't require travel but when we do, our                          travel expenses are pretty modest. We don't mind traveling to locations for consult, scene & vehicle 

                      exams and court testimony and in many cases we may provide you with a comprehensive (flat fee)                            proposal which would include all travel expenses and all work up to and including a written report.

                      Don't let the fact that you're far from us scare you into using a local expert you may not particularly 

                      like, give us a call and after speaking with us for 5 minutes, your decision will be an easy one.

Question:   Do I need an attorney to hire East Coast Forensics?

​Answer:       If your case involves (or will likely involve) litigation, you would ultimately need an attorney. It is

                      probably a good idea to have a legal consult first before you place your call to East Coast Forensics.

                      An attorney may want East Coast to proceed in a certain manner or they may not want us to do                                  anything at all. When it comes to a lawsuit, an attorney is the best "quarterback".

Question:   Does East Coast Forensics have trial experience?

Answer:      Yes. Our experts have testified all over the country, on both sides of both Criminal & Civil Cases.

Question:   What is a 'Forensic Mechanic' ?

Answer:      A Forensic Mechanic is a certified and experienced Automotive Technician who is uniquely 

                     qualified to examine vehicle components and determine the cause and origin of their failure.

                     His experience and training permit him to offer a professional opinion which can be crucial in

                     a civil or criminal case. 

Question:   When would a 'Forensic Mechanic' be used?

Answer:      A Forensic Mechanic would be used to refute a claim of "Mechanical Defect" when the actual

                     cause was "Operator Error". A Forensic Mechanic can shift liability from a vehicle manufacturer 

                     to a vehicle operator (and vice versa).

                     An example of this is a motorist collides with a pedestrian in an intersection, the operator claims

​                     they tried to stop but the brakes failed and if they worked, the accident would have been averted.

                     A Forensic Mechanic would examine the vehicle's braking system and if no defect or failure was 

                     discovered, the culpability would revert to the vehicle operator (or something other than the

                     vehicle brakes).