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​     Mechanical & Vehicular Defect is the Number one claim of cause in traffic accidents. "Defective" or "Inoperable Brakes" lead the list of these claims. While a vehicle's braking system is one of the most dependable and safety redundant systems in the modern vehicle, they can fail. Weather the failure is the cause of poor maintenance, manufacturer defect or a road hazard, the identification of such must be made and more importantly, it must be proven. This requires thorough examination and analysis to identify the cause and origin of a defect or failure. 

     Here at East Coast Forensics, our ASE Certified technicians employ a methodical approach in discovering the true cause of a failure. Once the cause or failure is identified, we prepare a professional report outlining fact, evidence and professional opinion. In addition to investigating and reporting, East Coast has years of experience in demonstrative courtroom testimony which can be pivotal in both civil and criminal defense cases.

Vehicle Defect & Mechanical Failure Investigation 

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